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If you’re a middle-aged woman who has put on unwanted weight and is feeling bloated, I can assist you with my simple 5-step PAUSE method to lose weight, feel miraculously energized, and reclaim your life.


I use an integrative approach to assist midlife women to achieve their ultimate health goals. Nutrition, Meditation, and Yoga are part of my 5-step PAUSE Formula. Individual and/or group sessions are available.

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I’ve made it my mission to assist middle-aged women going through menopause in reclaiming their lives. Menopause brings on unpleasant side effects including weight gain, bloating, exhaustion, and many more! I too was “Broken” and had no hope despite numerous visits to multiple medical professionals. For this reason, I came up with the easy 5-part PAUSE Formula.

Midlife women like yourself benefit from an in-depth assessment of their health. I dig deep to discover the origin of your problems that have taken over your life. I provide a detailed solution and formulate an individualized treatment plan. I promise you will feel better and enjoy the “Best Rest of Your Life Now!

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