Meet Dr Renata

Dr. Renata Shiloah

Your Menopause Mentor

It’s difficult to go through menopause because of all the obstacles you must overcome. Think about how you would feel if your symptoms disappeared!

I fix women who feel “Broken” like I did win the battle against menopause. I’m Dr. Renata Shiloah, a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health with over 20 years of clinical experience. I am a caring online nutritionist.

I am a Doctor of clinical nutrition and integrative health, specializing in helping midlife women relief menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, hot flashes and more.

My story

Before experiencing the so-called “change of life” for myself, I avoided mentioning the word Menopause. Then one day, it was as if my body had taken on a life of its own and I could not control it. I was experiencing uncomfortable symptoms like weight gain and bloating. While looking for ways to regain control of my body and feel like myself again, I came up with the 5-Step PAUSE Formula and got my life back better than before!

Do you want relief?

I can help you get your life back

Are you a midlife woman seeking individualized nutrition counseling and a simple solution to help get rid of your recent weight gain and bloating and feel like yourself again?

Whether you struggle with menopause, prefer a preventative approach to healthcare, or just want to feel better overall, adjusting your diet and adopting healthier lifestyle habits can positively impact your health and well-being.

A major goal of mine is to help you make nutritious food choices without sacrificing the pleasure of eating.

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I help “Broken” midlife women live a happier and healthier life through an integrative approach using Nutrition, Yoga, and Mediation.

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