Nutritionally blogging with Dr. Renata

What the Future Holds

Were you ever given an assignment in school wherein you were tasked with writing a letter to your future self?  The objective was to consider

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Feel Alive Again

I’m glad you’ve stuck with me all this time – meeting here the past 10 weeks have had its ups and downs, highs and lows,

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Healthy Eating Habits

It seems like we’ve been talking about food a lot lately.  It’s hard to escape though, isn’t it?  It’s everywhere, all the time, and when

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What You Eat Does Matter

If you haven’t yet determined, I’m all about self-care when it comes to alleviating, diminishing, and even eliminating menopausal symptoms altogether.  I encourage all women,

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You Are NOT Alone

There are four words that are oftentimes so much easier to say than to actually feel – especially when you’re in the thick of a

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