Let’s Win the Fight Against Menopause!!!!

Let’s Win the Fight Against Menopause!!!!

I’ve always wanted to say that and if I’m completely honest, I have said it a time or two … or five or six but who’s counting?

But on a more serious note, during the beginning stages of menopause, I didn’t know what was going on with my body and why things that always seemed to come easy started feeling fuzzy in my mind.  Initially I related it to possible stress from the norm of being a wife, mother, business owner, human-being, etc., or just the everyday overload of walking through life on auto-pilot – wherein you don’t really think about the next step, you just do it, and if something gets buried in-between you coolly, calmly, and collectively go back and unearth it later.

“No big deal,” I thought.

“You got this, Renata; just slow down, maybe you’re just going a little too fast.”

“Everybody has bad days – tomorrow will be better.”

Then I realized those “bad” or less than pleasurable days were happening more often than welcomed and that life on autopilot wasn’t so effortless anymore.

After some research, self-reflection, and a few consultations in-between, I realized what wI was experiencing was menopause.

“Ugh! Why now?!”

“This is so inconvenient.”

“I’m glad I have an answer now, but I still have so many questions.”

So much for cool, calm, and collected.

These were all statements I made once I realized what was going on with my body, my mind, and my emotions.  Everything seemed so off.  Nothing was like it was before and that’s one of the things that bothered me the most – feeling like I’d lost control of everything I’d known and was thrust into a world of unforeseen twists, erratic turns, peaking highs, and sudden lows.

That’s when I had my AHA! moment and decided to take the bull by the horns – it was time to stop the loathing about what I couldn’t control and focus on what I could – my outlook and how I was determined to tackle menopause instead of allowing it to knock me down.


Thanks a lot Michael Buffer – you’ve helped me more than you know.

I decided I was in control of how I lived each day and if you’re returning, you’ll remember that a part of my mantra is living every day to the fullest even with menopause.

Honestly, it’s almost like being on a roller-coaster …

When you are anticipating it, your heart begins to beat a little faster as you ponder middle age; your palms and face often get sweaty from the hot flashes; your emotions seem to fluctuate, making you feel out of control, and you often find yourself holding back screams because you’re barely holding on. Once you learn to manage it, things slow down. You find out the ride is not that bad after all and possibly enjoyable.

It’s just a matter of perspective and that’s what I’d like for you to focus on – the things you can change instead of allowing the change to negatively affect you.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m glad you’re here – to share in this community of women who have experienced, will experience, or are experiencing the change of life none of us may have warmly welcomed, but now has a place in our home.

It’s OK to embrace the change. Change, like any other life shift, may be frightening and unsettling; however, it’s critical to be aware of what’s going on in your body and approach the next chapter of your life with self-compassion.

When you venture into unfamiliar terrain, it’s reassuring to know that many women have gone before you and come out stronger and wiser on the other side. You can win the fight against menopause!

So, don’t beat yourself – instead, suit up, hold your head high and channel your inner Michael Buffer!  Now, as loud as you want, look menopause in the eye, grab the bull by the horns and shout:


~Dr. Renata

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