Feel Alive Again

Feel Alive Again

I’m glad you’ve stuck with me all this time – meeting here the past 10 weeks have had its ups and downs, highs and lows, balls hit out to left field by you, as well as some homeruns hit by the opposition – that dreaded “M” word – I’m sure.  Nonetheless, we stuck it out and that is something to celebrate.

But I do have an admission to make …

Our time together in this setting is winding down and so I figured it best to make this confession now rather than later.

There’s one pesky menopausal symptom I haven’t yet mentioned.  And not that that in itself is a big deal, but it is one that many of the women I interviewed for my book, as well as myself, and I’d hasten to say you too have experienced.

For that reason alone, I’m sure I should’ve mentioned it sooner, but I didn’t, and for that I apologize.

“Okay, enough with the formalities, Dr. Renata – spill it!!”

I can here your thoughts, so here it goes …

The symptom I haven’t mentioned, but that plagues many menopausal women is the thought … the belief … the concern of whether their symptoms will ever subside opening the door for the relief and even desire to feeling normal again.

The symptom I’m speaking of oftentimes comes clothed in a heavy weighted blanket of doubt, worry, and hopelessness and sounds something like this …

Will I ever feel like myself again?

Does normal even exist anymore?

Will these symptoms and feelings last forever?

There was a time I thought my symptoms would go on forever.  I wondered if I would ever feel like myself again.  I had no idea then that I could feel better than I did before menopause even landed on my doorstep with its overnight bags packed for an extended stay.

June, one of the sixteen women I interviewed for my book, provided a positive outlook for how to view menopause and the inevitable life transition of getting older.  When asked in what ways had life gotten better post-menopause, she said:

“It shouldn’t be taboo; it’s not the old lady disease.  You don’t have to be set in your life. It should be natural process.  It’s like a pebble in my shoe—not a big deal. That is the message I want girls to know.  It’s something nice to look forward.”

Now, I have one more confession.

Truth is, you may never feel like your “old” self again.

I can’t say that post-menopause “normal” truly exist.

And no, menopausal symptoms don’t last forever, but they do create a change that may require some getting used to by our “new selves.”

But what I can assure you of is this …

Yes, you can enjoy life.

Yes, you can be happy.

Yes, you can reduce menopausal symptoms.

Yes, you CAN feel like yourself again!

It is said that “like a photograph, life isn’t made in the bright moments.  We develop from all the negatives.  It takes darkness and challenges to reveal the beauty underneath.”  Personally, I know this to be true. While life’s challenges, including the unpleasant experiences associated with menopause may seem to cast shadows over our lives, it’s not the end.  Through menopause, we are evolving into better versions of ourselves, even when circumstances seem dark.  I’d even say, as we navigate menopause, we are becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I’ve adopted the mantra that I won’t allow menopause to stop me from enjoying life.  You may recall me quoting wise words from my mother in a previous post, and I believe now is as good a time as any to reiterate, “everything bad is for something good” and no matter what menopause throws my way, I am determined to live the life I deserve.  And truly, I want that for YOU too.

I’ve experienced better after menopause, as well as many women I’ve walked with along this journey, and I believe you can too.

As these posts come to an end, take a moment to PAUSE and consider all that has been covered thus far. I urge you to utilize what you’ve learned to help you succeed as you move into the next chapter of your life.

Your best days are ahead of you, not behind, so get ready for what is to come.

~Dr. Renata

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