What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds

Were you ever given an assignment in school wherein you were tasked with writing a letter to your future self?  The objective was to consider your life one, five, or maybe even ten years from the present date – what you would be doing; where you’d be living; what your career, family, and maybe even financials would look like.  Once imagined you had to write down its specifics – if you were happy, enjoying life, and had begun to accomplish the things you’d enumerated on your list of to-do’s.  Or maybe you’ve had a mentor somewhere along the line who assigned you something similar, or perhaps during your end of year planning for the next year’s endeavors you took it upon yourself to scribe a letter to the future you, postmarked, signed, sealed, and ready to be (re)delivered at a later date.

That’s sort of how I feel my time with you has been …

A culmination of letters; inspirational quotes; encouraging affirmations, and real-life scenarios with a bit of humor weaved in between in an effort to encourage and equip your present to healthily sustain your future.

I guess what I’m saying is that I want to continue to encourage each of you – no matter where you are along your menopause journey; no matter how bleak your outlook may be on any given day; no matter how you’ve felt in the past, or maybe even in this present moment – to consider your future you and know that you can enjoy your life.

You can do any and everything you set out to do before menopause burst onto the scene. 

You can be happy regardless of what happens.

You can and you will as long as you don’t give up.

While I realize the aforementioned, may sound like the broken record in me hit a scratch on the album because yes, I’ve said it all before … I believe it’s worth the rinsing and repeat … time and time again.

Speaking of, I have but another reminder for you.

Those of you who’ve been here awhile may remember the introduction of my first blog.  Specifically, there are two words I started with that I’m sure either made you smile, cringe, chuckle, or a combination of the three. 

Two words that I’ve had to speak out loud over myself during the darkest of my menopausal journey days. 

Two words I didn’t always feel but was determined to believe no matter what. 

Two words that I’m going to remind those who’ve read them before as well as those who yet haven’t.

Two words I want your present you to write to your future you as a reminder of what your present you have to look forward to …

Hello beautiful.

Yes, that’s it.

Those are the two words.


And the answer is yes … I’m talking to YOU. 

You may not feel it, but it’s true, and It’s okay if you don’t believe that right now.  I believe it for you even when you don’t believe you’re able enough to.

One last rinse … repeat … reminder I’d like to leave with you:

To and for any and every woman who reads this

know that I am you and you are me

 and together we can conquer this menopause journey.

No matter what you’ve gone through thus far

and despite everything you’ve endured,

I promise it will get better –

besides, your future you is worth fighting for.

I’m not suggesting it will be easy

Some days will be harder than others

but this community of women was built

so that you don’t have to suffer …

Alone, or in silence

despising the perception of your new norm

Contemplating if it’s even possible

to weather this storm

The answer is yes …

you can and you will

the climb may be steep,

but together we’ll walk up this hill

Celebrating every victory

no matter how big or small

because we have the final say

not menopause.

Now let’s go win this battle together – you are NOT alone!

~Dr. Renata

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