What the Future Holds

Were you ever given an assignment in school wherein you were tasked with writing a letter to your future self?  The objective was to consider your life one, five, or maybe even ten years from the present date – what you would be doing; where you’d be living; what your career, family, and maybe even […]

Feel Alive Again

I’m glad you’ve stuck with me all this time – meeting here the past 10 weeks have had its ups and downs, highs and lows, balls hit out to left field by you, as well as some homeruns hit by the opposition – that dreaded “M” word – I’m sure.  Nonetheless, we stuck it out […]

CAM-Complementary and Alternative Treatment for Menopause

I’ve talked about exercise, healthy eating, and the incorporation of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness methods to help alleviate menopausal symptoms and assist in adapting to an overall healthier lifestyle. But perhaps none of the above are your cup of tea. If that’s the case, have no fear – complementary and alternative treatments are here! Okay, […]

Yoga and Meditation Helps Relive Menopausal Symptoms

For the woman out there who due to menopause may be experiencing a particular discomfort with her body … This one’s for you. Now, before we talk about any problem, I want to give you a solution. I can hear you asking, “How might you do that, Renata?”  We haven’t talked about a problem yet. […]

Movement During Menopause Matters

I contemplated jokingly beginning this blog with some food-related analogy, quote, or quirk … just to pull your strings a bit – what can I say, I can be a bit silly at times. Just in case you were wondering, no, we aren’t talking about food again.  This is me, letting out a sigh of […]

Healthy Eating in Midlife

If you’ve stuck around this long my hope is you’re not just reading information but implementing what it is you’ve read.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but the solutions I’ve provided thus far are both tried-and-true. Now, on to the good stuff … FOOD. “Ugh, again Dr. Renata?!”  Yes, you read correctly […]

Healthy Eating Habits

It seems like we’ve been talking about food a lot lately.  It’s hard to escape though, isn’t it?  It’s everywhere, all the time, and when it’s not, it’s easy to get our hands on.  Thing is, when we do partake, if we’re not cognizant, we end up reaping results our bodies don’t agree with. I […]

What You Eat Does Matter

If you haven’t yet determined, I’m all about self-care when it comes to alleviating, diminishing, and even eliminating menopausal symptoms altogether.  I encourage all women, everywhere, experiencing menopause to incorporate whatever natural remedies you can think of to garner the results you desire – from implementing a healthy diet, to incorporating or even turning up […]

You Are NOT Alone

There are four words that are oftentimes so much easier to say than to actually feel – especially when you’re in the thick of a difficult situation and you’ve concluded that it just isn’t possible for anyone else to understand. Four words that are easy to speak to others in the midst of their own […]

Changing Your Mindset During Menopause

Do you ever feel like you need a break, or wish you could literally hit a reset button and simply pause for a moment? I envision the resounding “UGH, YES!!” followed by the swift sucking of teeth and hearty, “DUH” after asking such a question is automatic.  As women, I imagine we’ve all wanted to […]

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